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      It’s like I’d been there personally. When I went to Thailand several times, I usually stayed in the beach, being quiet. Maybe next time I should try something different. Thanks for sharing!

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      Stunning breath taking gogo dancer in Pin Up bar in Pattaya.

      Which is the Best A GoGo bar in Thailand, and why?

      Thailand has 5 main red light district areas:

      1. Walking street in Patong Beach, Phuket
      2. Walking street in Pattaya (2 hours’ drive from Bangkok)

      And the main adult areas in Bangkok are:

      1. Soi Cowboy
      2. Patpong
      3. Nana Plaza

      There are hundreds of gogo bars (A Gogo bars) and knowing which one is the best, and why, is very precious, it will save you a lot of time on research.

      First, if you have never been to Thailand, what is A Gogo bar?

      The a gogo bars in Thailand including Patong Beach, Pattaya and Bangkok are a popular form of adult entertainment; each bar has a stage, with girls dancing, and the customers sit and watch.

      This is A Gogo bar in Thailand.

      The dancers are usually between 20-25, and being professional dancers, they are usually slim, fit, and…good dancers.
      Watching them dance is a pleasure and rather erotic. It’s a good show. Not all that different from a Las Vegas show.

      There is no cost to get in but you need to order a drink. The cost of a drink is usually about USD 8-10.
      The music is disco style music, featuring Techno electric dance music.

      If you are feeling lonely and want a companion to talk to, you can buy one of the dancers a drink.
      She will then come and sit next to you and chat with you, the drink you buy her is called a “lady drink”, and the cost is also about USD 10.

      So, this is a really cheap form of great entertainment, let me set the scene for you:

      You walk in, sit down, order a beer, enjoy the great music, and watch anywhere from 5-50 girls dancing right in front of you, a spectacular show.

      The girls are all adults, and are all there by choice; they make a ton of money by people buying them drinks, as they get a commission on each drink.

      If the chemistry is right, additional services may be available as well; this is entirely at the sole discretion of the A Gogo dancer.

      So, which A Gogo bar in Thailand is best, and why?

      The best a gogo bar is called Pin Up and it is located in the walking street in Pattaya.

      Of course, the “best” bar is a personal choice and subject to each person’s taste; this is why I think Pin Up is the best A Gogo bar in Thailand:

      • The music is insane good. When my body starts to dance “automatically”, it means the music has a really good beat.
      • The quality and beauty of the dancers is beyond compare. Most of them are just drop dead gorgeous ladies.
      • A lot of dancers. They have 30 dancers on 3 stages, and every 15-20 min they take a break, and another team of 30 dancers is activated.
      • This Pattaya A Gogo bar is very well managed. 10 dancers per stage. Every minute more or less they rotate to the next position to the right, so if you are watching for 10 min, you will see 10 different girls right in front of you, every minute there will be a different one there. Then, every 5 min or so, the entire team of 10 dancers moves to a different stage, so every 10 min you will see totally different girls dancing in front of you, although you can always see all the 30.
      • And finally, the music style, and consequently the dancing style, also changes every 2 songs. First you have 2 electric dancing music songs, so the girls are dancing disco style, and then you have 2 slow style songs, where the girls change the speed to slow and the dance style changes to a slow erotic tease.

      If you are heading out to Thailand, visiting a gogo bar is a must for the best erotic entertainment you can ever find.

      Bangkok a gogo bar King’s Castle 1 is definitely the best A Gogo bar in Bangkok, located in Patpong.

      In some ways, this bar is better than Pin Up, and a visit when in Bangkok is a must.

      The reason I am not rating King’s Castle 1 in Bangkok as the best a gogo bar in Thailand is because the music, while good, is not quiet as good as Pin Up.


      This a gogo bar has more women, a lot more.

      50 A gogo dancers on one stage, with 3 rotations, so you are seeing a total of 150 attractive ladies dancing.

      King’s Castle 1 is so successful, that right next door they opened King’s Castle 2 as well as King’s Castle 3!

      It is not easy to make contact with the dancers, who are on stage dancing, and if you want to buy one a drink, it is not always easy to find the waitress, so getting the girl you like to come and sit with you is not so easy…

      But in King’s Castle 1 they do something really nice that makes a lot of sense, and it is the only gogo bar in Thailand I have seen doing this:

      Upon rotation, when the 50 a gogo dancers get off the stage, they form a line, and walk around the entire bar, immediately in front of the customers, so this makes it really easy for you to signal to your favorite dancer that you would like to buy her a drink. I really liked this service.

      So, maybe I can conclude that Pin Up A Gogo bar in Pattaya and King’s Castle 1 in Bangkok are both the best A Gogo bars in Thailand.

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