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      Love and affection can be expressed in many ways…one of them is a hug.

      A waitress in a restaurant I visit from time to time started hugging me every time she saw me there.

      I have no idea why. Maybe she thought I was someone else and she knew me… Or maybe she somehow sensed I needed it.

      After a few of those really tight, full body meaningful hugs…I started realizing how much I am enjoying it.

      I noticed that her hugs mean a lot to me.

      So, when I visited Thailand a few months later, this is what I did:

      I prepared a little sign in Thai, that said “Hug me tight for one minute, I will pay you 100 Baht”.

      I went to my favorite go go bar, full of exotic dancers, sat on a stool at the bar, and put up the sign.

      The response was overwhelming!

      The dancers actually formed a lineup to hug me! They came over, and one by one gave me a big, tight hug to die for.

      Some lady boys sneaked into the lineup, as well as some old ladies; I did not care. Anyone that came over and hugged me, got a big hug in return as well as 100 Baht.

      I was hugged to death. Hug after hug. More and more love coming.

      It is true I was paying for it, but a hug is a hug, and they were genuine.

      Never felt more loved or more happy in my life.

      So now you know exactly what to do next time you go to Thailand.

      I am seeking your advice about something:

      Do you think a website for hugging and cuddling has a market?

      Hugging is usually standing up, and a hug is normally less than 30 seconds.

      Cuddling is the same thing, but done lying down, for a longer period of time.

      The principal is the same though: giving and receiving affection, in a non sexual way.

      I am wondering if a website for hugging and cuddling can be successful. Some people will advertise themselves as “huggers” and “cuddlers”, and others will book them for a date, where the intended activity is hugging and cuddling, but nothing else.

      What do you think? Thanks!

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