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      I can’t even remember the last time I paid for an airline ticket, and I have been flying business class for the last 15 years. This topic is rather complex, and not easy to put it into a quick tip. Lets call it a beginner’s guide to flying free in business class, with a summary of the key points:

      Never pay cash. Paying cash gets you nothing. Even if your pocket is full of cash, use a credit card associated with your frequent flyer program and get points. Then, walk into the bank and pay your balance with cash.

      Study the benefits carefully. Some cards are better than others. In Canada, you get 2 points for every dollar spent on gas, pharmacy, supermarket and travel when you use your American Express Gold Rewards Card. This card is the best card in Canada for points accumulation. (100% sure!).

      The very best and fastest way to accumulate frequent flyer points (or miles), is by applying for a new credit card, and getting a welcome bonus. The best welcome bonuses (the largest) are usually offered by American Express. Most credit cards offer a welcome bonus which is large enough to fly free to any city in North America, and return. But in some cases, the welcome bonus is so large, 50,000 miles, (or points), that it is enough for 2 people to get a free return flight anywhere in North America. Apply for a credit card, get the welcome bonus, and enjoy. A year later, you will be charged the membership fee again…this time you will not receive any points. So when the card is up for renewal, you should just cancel it, or downgrade it to a free card.

      Stay alert. Keep your eyes open. Go to the big banks’ website regularly and check for a new big promotion, offering huge welcome bonuses.

      Incredibly, it only takes 5 minutes to apply (and get approved!) for a credit card online. The welcome bonus points are worth a lot of money in some cases, and yet, most people don’t do it. Just do it, so easy, and enjoy flying free multiple times.

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